Terms & Conditions


  • Membership of IsleofSkye.com is annual, giving 12 months membership.
    The 12 month period starts form the 1st of the month that the business initially submitted their application to become a member.
    Example : June Member = 1st June to the following 31st May.
  • Renewal will be invoiced by email on or near the 15th of the month prior to your renewal date.
  • Membership should be paid within 14 days.
  • An initial reminder will be posted by Royal Mail after 30 days. Thereafter a reminder email will be sent until deemed necessary every 30 days.
  • If no payment is received within reasonable time the advertising listings may be removed and membership account deleted.
  • IsleofSkye.com retains the right to reject new applications for membership without reason.
  • IsleofSkye.com retains the right to withdraw membership and remove website listings if the nature the of members business changes.
  • IsleofSkye.com retains the right to not offer the option of renewal to any member without reason.
  • IsleofSkye.com can not guarantee any return from any of our paid membership listings.

Booking System

  • A business must register to have their freetobook account connected.
  • IsleofSkye.com retains the right to accept or decline any business that registers.
  • Registration includes submitting Direct Debit details which are processed and secured by ‘GoCardless Ltd.’.
  • The business owner must ensure an active Direct Debit mandate is maintained, otherwise the account may be disconnected from the system.
  • IsleofSkye.com charges 5% on the booking value for properties sourced from freetobook.
  • You will be charged by Direct Debit the month after the booking is complete and the guest has stayed at your property.
  • A basic statement of bookings generated will be emailed to all businesses which are due to be charged a fee.
  • If a booking is cancelled, the business will not be charged.
  • No bookings can be guaranteed by having your freetobook account connected to our system.
  • If your business is sourced from either Booking.com or Expedia then the business owner will not be informed about bookings IsleofSkye.com generates. Inclusion from these sources is part of the terms of use that each of these companies provide separately from Isleofskye.com.