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Our booking search system has been partly funded by Highlands & Islands Enterprise with the aim of getting small accommodation businesses on Skye the best deal in terms of cost per secured booking.

What is it?

Though we refer to it as a booking system strictly it is not, it is an availability search platform. It searches a range of external booking sites to return results based on the search dates and filters. Properties found can then be booked. The booking is made on the source booking system (such as freetobook), but is tagged to acknowledge that it was the source of the booking.

Why Connect?

  • gets millions of website visitors per year
  • It is proven to generate thousands of pounds worth of bookings
  • At 5%, it costs less per booking than all other popular platforms
  • You only pay a fee if the booking happens
  • The cancellation and refund policy is entirely up to you
  • You can keep using other popular platforms (Airbnb, and sync the diaries
  • No contract
  • No hidden costs

How to Connect

To connect your property you must use a supported booking system. For a direct connection use freetobook as this will get you the best price per booking.
Once your own account is ready to take bookings, use the below form to register and add your direct debit details.


Supported Booking Systems

Properties sourced from freetobook will get prioritisation in the search results as it is our preferred partner.

We can source your property from Expedia if you choose not to use freetobook, but you will not get the same prioritisation.
We can source your property from if we can’t get results from the prioritised sources.


We charge just 5% on the booking value if you use freetobook.
You will be charged by direct debit the month after the booking is complete and the guest has stayed at your property. If the booking is cancelled, you will not be charged.

If your property is sourced from Expedia or you won’t be charged by us directly, you will pay the standard fee these partners charge which is typically 15%.

Since 2018 started taking online bookings in January 2018 using booking software provided by freetobook which only supported properties using the freetobook system. This proved to be very successful securing thousands of pounds worth of bookings for the included businesses.
Backed by Highlands & Islands Enterprise we have now developed our own booking software to build on the initial success by supporting more booking systems and adding more features. Our own software launched in July 2020.

The table below shows the figures when we only supported freetobook and before we developed our own software.

  2018 2019
Secured Bookings 2325 2586
Total Value £493,089.71 £567,615.79

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